Profile Design V2+ Aluminium Aerobar

Profile Design V2+ Aluminium Aerobar




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If you were a fan of the Carbon Stryke aerobar, then you're sure to like this, The V-Series of low-stack bars reintroduces the classic low stack bracket and places the extension below the handlebar

By doing this a low-stack armrest position is achieved which many time trialists favour. The new extensions are ergonomically designed to provide a comfortable wrist position when mounted below the base bar.

The V2 extension built on a variation of the T2+ extension bend has a higher rise and ergonomic S-bend optimized to improve comfort and reduce fatigue while maintaining an aerodynamic position.


  • Low ride: Featuring the L1 bracket with a 35mm stack height when combined with the F19a armrest
  • 40mm extension rise is specifically designed for mounting below the Basebar
  • F19a armrests as standard
  • Weight: 500g