Human DNA Sports Profiling Kit




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  • Health is in your genes
  • By discovering and exploiting your genetic gifts, MUHDO will inspire, support and guide you to a healthier and more strategic sports improvement program
  • With MUHDO guidance you can lose weight and build the muscle and strength for the extra fitness and speed you seek
    • Laboratory analysis of your DNA collected via a simple saliva swab test uses advanced genetic techniques to gain insight into your unique gene functions
    • The insight is then used to generate a highly personalised, easy-to-follow and completely free health program including guidance on nutrition, supplementation, exercise, energy and sleep - all tuned to your unique DNA and backed by science
    • Take the guesswork out of your training and find the improvement factors that you can focus on to maximise your performance
    • MUHDO analyses 88 genes and 240 variants resulting in 6.8 million expressions to generate your personalised, DNA profile
    • Factors that will be reported on include: Power and Speed, Endurance and VO2 max, Recovery, Flexibility and Injury, Strength and Hypertrophy, Psychology, Diet, Micronutrients, Supplement Dosing
    • The MUHDO web platform provides further access to inspiration, information and advice throughout your fitness journey, all tuned to your unique DNA and updated by world leading fitness and nutritionist experts