Acer Xplova X5 Evo GPS and Action Camera Bike Computer




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The Xplova X5 Evo is the only GPS computer with a built in wide screen camera that offers the ability to record various action videos with modes including data-linked auto recording, time-lapse photography, loop recording (or dash-cam mode) and manual recording, potentially eliminating the need to buy an actual GoPro or similar camera.

Operating system

  • A smooth and intuitive operating system designed for cyclists by cyclists that is regularly updated with new features.
  • The visualization of data from ANT+ and Bluetooth devices on customizable screens.
  • The ability to set goals and targets with free access to training plans created by professional cyclists.
  • Cyclists can transfer their performance data to their Connect App to monitor their progress, or to upload it to Training Peaks or Strava to analyze the data and compare their rides against others.
  • Instant share of videos to social media (i.e. Facebook, YouTube) (through Xplova Video app)
  • Instant upload of cycling data to Strava and TrainginPeaks
  • Free access and download of world-wide maps (OSM)
  • Customizable cycling route planning with SmartSigns (customized points of interest) + SmartSign guidance
  • Connectivity through GPS, ANT+, Wifi and BLE
  • Altitude and temperature sensors.

Hardware features:

  • A 3” waterproof responsive color touchscreen & sunlight readable display.
  • Additional navigation through sensitive touch buttons.
  • Supplied with an extended bar mount, the X5 Evo is also compatible with other mounts including Garmin.
  • Only 120grams.


X5 Evo comes with two mobile apps, one called “Xplova Connect App”, the other “Xplova Video App”.

Xplova Connect App:

  • Route downloading and plotting
  • Training plan downloading and scheduling
  • Activity data reviewing and sharing
    • Cyclists can transfer their performance data to their Connect App to monitor their progress, or to upload it to TrainingPeaks or Strava to analyze the data and compare their rides against others’.

Xplova Video App:

  • Video footage storing and editing (e.g., overlaying cycling data on videos)
    • Once the footage is imported from X5 Evo, the Video App automatically organizes the footage into small, easy-to-manage clips for easy viewing and editing.
    • Cyclists can also add meaningful data gauges to show how fast and how far they went.
  • Video sharing
    • Through the Video App, cyclists can instantly share their videos on Facebook, YouTube, or Xplova’s own platform.

pastedGraphic.pngThe camera’s coolest feature is that you can set different recording triggers, so that you only record the best part of your bike ride. For example, you can set the device to record based on your heart rate, Smartsign, speed or with a quick press of the REC button.

A huge investment in software with free open source world mapping is now at your fingertips. You don’t even need the X5Evo to download this, simply visit the App or Play store to download.

Weighing only 120 grams), the Xplova X5 Evo is capable of capturing and displaying configurable cycling data at a glance, including power, cadence, heart rate, speed, distance and much more. A water proof IPX7 3“ colour touch sensitive screen is supported with individual buttons for simple navigation so you can scroll right to left and up and down. Data iteslf is spread over 3 main pages including a general cycling page, maps and a training page. Data can be displayed numerically and graphically. On the training page you can plot in real

time, your power output and heart rate against time or distance meaning you can keep a close eye on your performance during a training session. Customising the displays is simple and intuative.

Optional accessories include speed, cadence and heart rate sensors that are compatible with any ANT+ devices.

Described by the brains at Xplova, the Acer owned subsidiary, as “extremely intelligent and connected” the device is being marketed as the first ever “2-in-1” biking computer with integrated camera and full social network connectivity.

The close cooperation with mother company Acer Inc. provides Xplova with unique advantages in the area of computer and software technology.